Reward Your Players with the #1 Gift Program in the Gaming Industry

Your players are the life blood of your business. Isn't it time to raise the stakes of your rewards and gift marketing programs?

So What Can Our Gift Platform Do For Your Business?

This innovative loyalty marketing and gift fulfillment program will:

Increase Your Return On Investment

Our clients usually see a ROI of 250% to 300%

Streamline Your Gifting Programs

Say goodbye to shopping a boatload of suppliers and suffering high labor costs to handle and distribute player rewards.

Upgrade Your Player's Loyalty And Gaming Experience

Your players will visit more often and bring more of their friends when they come.

No More Waiting In Line

No more waiting in lines to get a gift and then hauling them around the casino for hours.

No More Rain Checks

No more disappointing players by running out of advertising gifts or passing out rain checks.

100% Automated Delivery

Say goodbye to shopping a boatload of suppliers in suffering high labor costs to handle and distribute player rewards.

How do we make it happen?

By integrating your gifting or loyalty program into our gaming products.

Let us be your one-stop shop for all your gifting needs through our exclusive online platform and partnerships.

We offer a plethora of high quality products to market to players who regularly visit your casinos.

Promotions and fulfillment can be set up in just a few minutes!

We've developed an easy to use online platform that integrates:

  • Casino promotions
  • Player points balances
  • Gift selection
  • Fast reliable fulfillment

Saving you time, resources, and money!

The best reason to invest in player boutique is our direct player fulfillment model.

We deliver gifts direct to your players home with a little help from Amazon's Prime service.

Benefits include...

A fully integrated and outsourced gifting system

Redemptions available at gaming machines, a kiosk, mobile device, or use for live weekly promotions on your gaming floor.

Reduce or eliminate inventory risk

Say goodbye to unredeemed gifts and overstocked inventory. Reduce or eliminate excess inventory.

Stop Wasting Money

You may select a multiple gifts first single promotion and pay for only the gifts redeemed, no more gift returns.

A speedy day delivery of gifting merchandise direct to a player's home or direct to the property shipments.

Do the right thing.

Upgrade your loyalty program with player boutique.

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